Scouting locations in Paris. We needed a small restaurant at corner of a street.
Paris is a amazing city, outdoor lights on, dusk to dawn.
working on the style for the actress.
Movie scripts, in French and Chinese.
Art direction materials.
FRANCHIN DON (the director of photography) and SEBASTIEN EBI (the lighting designer) prepared for the shootings.
In the shootings.
Stadicam with Arri camera. 4am in Paris downtown
QUENTIN SHIH, the director( middle) with FRANCHIN DON, the director of photography (left)
Got inspiration from American painter EDWARD HOPPER.
(Left) Summer Evening by EDWARD HOPPER, 1947.
Lots smiles during the shootings. SIMON LUCA OLDANI(the sailor), MICHAEL SABUCO(the waiter), CAMILLE CHALONS(the girl)
Serious time VS happy time!
2am in the morning. BERNARD WILLIAM (the old man) was in his action.
Short discussion about the coming shootings.
FRANCHIN DON (the director of photography) with SEBASTIEN EBI (lighting designer),
MICHAEL SABUCO (the waiter) posted in front of the camera.
SHA SHA did the makeup on CAMILLE CHALONS (the girl) and SIMON LUCA OLDANI (the sailor)
Shooting inside of a Kebab restaurant.
SEBASTIEN EBI (the lighting designer), FRANCHIN DON (the director of photography) and QUENTIN SHIH (the writer and director)
VALENTINE MAHÉ (1st Assistant Director)
and LIFANG WAN(the co-writer)
A cold night shooting in Paris.
Camera plans for next shot. QUENTIN SHIH (the writer and director) and FRANCHIN DON (the director of photography).